Heat, Serve and Enjoy

In today’s hectic world, most of us simply do not have the energy or time to cook dinner, especially after balancing work, family and friends all day. And while some food options are easy, like fast food burgers and burritos, they aren’t always the best for you and your family. But what if you could have wonderful, tasty and healthy Indian food, without any preparation, in just a few minutes? That’s exactly what Masala can do for you. Masala’s Ready-to-Eat meals are quick, easy and convenient solutions to busy schedules and discerning palates. We tell our customers, “Just heat and serve.” Entering a world of delicious aromas, exotic spices and health-conscious fare has never been so easy.

“I can come home and have dinner on the table in less than 10 minutes.”


Great Food in 3 Minutes

In a few minutes, you and your family could be eating a delicious, fresh meal. Masala’s Ready-to-Eat dishes require no additional meats or vegetables – all of the carefully selected, fresh ingredients are provided and precooked. Add a little rice, naan or bread, and instantly you have a restaurant-quality meal without the headache and fuss of gourmet cooking. To make your life even more stress-free, Masala’s food comes in microwavable containers to eliminate tedious chores like cleaning pots and pans.

“Masala saves me a night of cooking and doing dishes.”


Lunch, Parties and Entertaining Made Easy

Take Masala Ready-to-Eat meals to work and escape the standard lunch doldrums. Masala’s food travels well and heats easily without a mess, bringing a refreshing wind of great taste to the usually stale daily routine. Going to a potluck? Show up with a Masala dish or two and you may be the hit of the party. Heat our food at home and take it to outdoor concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. Host a dinner party and worry more about the guest list than the menu. With Masala Ready-to-Eat meals, the possibilities are endless, as are the things you can do with the time you save not cooking.

“I take Masala to work at least once a week and really look forward to it.”

“I get special requests for Masala when I am invited over to my friends’ parties”


A World of Flavor in Every Small Batch

At Masala, culinary excitement is realized through our attention to detail. We slow-cook our food in small batches as if we were making individual meals – we don’t engage in industrial-sized food preparation. Indian food is delicate and must be prepared at the right temperature, adding the right ingredients in the right sequence and with a hand that has just the right touch of passion. This is our approach at Masala, and this is why Masala dishes have the comfort and pleasure of gourmet home-made meals. Mass-produced food simply can’t achieve the same results.

“Your food tastes better than any Indian restaurant I have been to.”



Not Your Typical Fare: Spices Directly From India

Most spices lose their flavor, potency and charm as they age. At Masala, however, we use spices that maintain their punch. Masala uses fresh spices directly from the plantations of South India. Some spices are roasted to maximize their flavor, while others are cooked quickly within months of their harvest. Spices grown on the Indian sub-continent have special, authentic qualities that distinguish them from US or Mexican grown spices. When the spices are more genuine and distinct, so is the quality of the food.


Escape the Routine and Discover Flavorful Indian Food

Indian food is an entire world unto itself. Unique flavors like saffron, cinnamon, tumeric and cumin are married with meticulous cooking preparations to create wonderfully flavorful and aromatic dishes. Indian cuisine provides a culinary experience that typical sandwiches and pasta meals cannot compete with. And while Indian food previously was in the domain of gourmet restaurants and chefs with hours of time to spare, Masala Ready-to-Eat meals make the Indian food experience easy, accessible and convenient.

“My family loves Masala because it’s different and not the same old thing.”



The Goodness Come from Fresh Ingredients and No Cans

For taste and health, freshness cannot be compromised. Masala is very particular about using only the freshest and best ingredients; we don’t use canned tomatoes or bottled garlic, nor frozen spinach or other frozen vegetables. Market-fresh produce along with healthy, robust herbs and spices are the hallmarks of Masala’s food. Such ingredients are better for the preservation of health and promote overall well-being.

“It seems so much healthier than restaurant food.”



No Additives or Preservatives

Our food is made with the same care and principles of home cooking – with no unnecessary additives and preservatives. For example, we use only fresh hormone-free, skinless, boneless chicken breast. We do not infuse our food with artificial chemicals to sustain shelf life; rather, we focus on wholesome, untainted ingredients and integrity. At Masala, we believe that as our food is more natural and preservative-free, our customers are healthier and happier.

“I have to have my Masala for the week.”


Indian Food Maintains Health and Fights Disease

Recent scientific discoveries by leading health professionals indicate that certain ingredients used in Indian food fight off diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. A study by researchers at the UCLA Department of Medicine, as published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, links Curcumin, commonly known as tumeric and one of the most common ingredients in almost all of Masala’s dishes, to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

“(Curcumin) had potential as a treatment for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease” – Dr. Sally Frautschy, Department of Medicine, UCLA as reported by BBC News Health


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